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Dienstag, 28. Oktober 2008

Getagged ...

I've been tagged by my dear DT Mate Karin.

I should tell some of my secrets ;) so here it goes

5 Things I love:

1. My Family
2. Crafting (with Magnolia Stamps ;) )
3. Beeing in the Design Team
4. TV Shows (my alltime favorite is "Charmed")
5. Casting Shows

5 Things I don't love

1. Getting out of my Bed
2. Winter
3. Beeing sick
4. Waiting for my crafty orders ;)
5. Trouble

Favorite Food/Drinks

1. Coca-Cola light, Vanille or Cherry
2. Hot Choclate and Coffee
3. Marzipan
4. Dark Choclate
5. Potatoes in every way

Songs on your Ipod/playlist

1. All Summer long - Kid Rock
2. Feel the Rush - Shaggy
3. Songs of the 80ies
4. All Songs from WestLife

I have to think about who I'm tagging now ;)

1 lovely Comments; Thank you so much!:

Amanda From: AJ's In-Sanity Center hat gesagt…

4. TV Shows (my alltime favorite is "Charmed")

Have you checked out the show: "Supernatural?" It's basically the same genre, buuuuuut its about 2 brothers instead. It ranks tops of my fave show lists right with charmed... which I also love. ;)

Supernatural TV

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Hallo und herzlich Willkommen auf meinem Blog! Ich stemple jetzt seit Februar'08 und das mit großer Leidenschaft ;)Ich bin eine absolute Niedlich-Stemplerin, wie man unschwer an meinen Karten erkennen kann. Am allerliebsten arbeite ich mit Magnolia-Stempeln. Ich liebe es, an Challenges teilzunehmen und vor allem nach Sketchen zu arbeiten ...Viel Spaß beim Stöbern auf meinem Blog! Ich freue mich, dass Ihr da seid ;)
Hello and welcome to my blog! I'm stamping since february 2008 now and with passion;)I'm a fan of cute stamps, what you can see at my cards. Most of all I work with stamps of Magnolia. I love to participate in challenges, especially working with Sketches ...I hope you'll enjoy my cards. I'm happy that you're visiting my Blog ;)

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